The Bohemian Embassy was the funniest and most irreverent venue for launching a career as a performer in Canada.

Tracing the phenomenal rise, fall, and lasting influence of this sometimes infamous, now legendary, 1960s avant-garde Toronto coffee house, Behind the Bohemian Embassy is an original, inspiring and humorous feature length documentary.

For a generation of songwriters, poets, dramatists and comics this was the place to test their mettle. Many legends hung out and performed there, including folk singer Gordon Lightfoot, poet Margaret Atwood, playwright David French, and comic Lorne Michaels.

Canada’s most promising English speaking talent was nurtured under its roof, first at 7 St. Nicholas Street (1960-66), then at Rochdale College (1970), Harbourfront (1974-76) and Queen Street (1991-92).

“When we started out there were very few opportunities for our talent,” said Don Cullen its impresario. “We wanted to create a nurturing environment where they could stay in Canada if they chose to and eventually did. As late as the 1980s Canadians did not accept their homegrown talent, it took time for this www.iwcshow.com Swiss Replica Watches idea to evolve and the opportunities to present themselves.”

Behind the Bohemian Embassy is a tribute to Canada’s wordiest landmark.